Thank you so much for your financial support. We could not fulfil our God-given vision without your generous offering of your time, talents and finance. It is also essential in helping us keep our doors open and our outreach programme running.

We are extremely grateful to our regular members of the church who contribute financially to our church and the activities associated with it.

You can give in many different ways...

  1. Standing Order: This is the most effective way of supporting the church. Please contact us if you would like to set this up
  2. On Sundays: When the offering bags are passed around
  3. Offertory Envelopes: These envelopes can also be placed in the collection bags and they enable you to Gift Aid your contribution
As we are CLOSED at the moment, we are without our weekly offertory collection and yet many of our monthly outgoings remain the same.

We would be most grateful to anyone who is able to support us during this time via a standing order. If you are able to Gift Aid your contribution, this is extremely valuable to us. Any cheques can be sent to the Treasurer, or please contact him for the church bank details to enable one-off internet transfers.
If you would like the contact details for our Treasurer, please get in touch.

For any one-off donations, you can make a payment to us through this website.