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Feasts and Foundations

As the year progresses, we are working through a programme of teaching, discipleship and fellowship to help us get to know, worship and share Jesus at church, home and in our local area. 

We are learning what different books of the Bible have to say and celebrate some of the Biblical Feasts along the way!

Here's some information about our FORTHCOMING FEAST WEEKEND!!

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You are all most welcome for food and fellowship at the final great feast of the Ancient Church’s calendar year. The Feast of Booths (or, Tabernacles)!

We can often be bogged down with the things of this world. We can obsess over things like there’s nothing beyond them, or more important.

For our forefathers, The Feast of Booths would last for 8 days, and the people of Israel would dwell in Tents or Booths made from branches of trees. In doing so they would be reminded that this world is passing away just like the weak rickety structure they lived in. Then, at the end of the Feast, they would re-enter their more stable homes, which was a picture of entering the coming world that lasts forever- the New Heavens and Earth.

Every Jesus-centred church member is going to live in the coming world, the New Creation, the kingdom that lasts forever. And this Feast helps remind us that we’re to be getting ready for it now.

Please bring some food to eat together on Zoom on the Friday (this was the biggest meal of the year, so don’t hold back!) and please come along to church on Sunday 23rd January to learn even more about it!

This isn’t just for Park End Church; it's for you, your friends, neighbours and our fellow churches!

For the Friday Meal - please email for the Zoom  details:

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There are three parts to the Feasts and Foundations course:

Sunday Service – 11:00am, Sundays during term time
  • Preaching focused on a particular book in the Bible, learning about Jesus and His church;
  • Crafts, displays, worksheets and activities to help children understand and enjoy the book too;
  • Free accessible study guides and DVDs for anyone to use in church life and in our house-groups;
  • Occasional Saturday training days for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the Bible book we are working through.

Christian Foundations – Thursdays at 7pm
  • Interactive and relaxed discussion about Christian doctrines and Church history, following, to begin with, the Frameworks Theological Course;
  • Attend in person or live / recorded on our Park End Church YouTube channel;
  • Follow-up resources provided for house-groups; and, 
  • Coffee and refreshments available from 7pm

Feast Weekends - 5 Weekends a year

Five times a year we will break from our regular Sunday teaching and focus on the key Bible Feasts celebrated by the Ancient Church. We will all join together at Park End Church for weekends of church family fun, food and learning. This includes: 
  • Saturday events: bouncy castles, refreshments and cakes, craft stations, fair trade stalls, Bible teaching goodie bags, ball games, face painting, songs, stories and badge making. Almost every activity will have a link to the gospel of Jesus.
  • Sunday teaching, learning about the Biblical Feast and its significance for people today.  
  • Sunday church lunch based on the Bible Feast, to share food and fellowship together. 
Too far away to join us in person? Join us on Zoom – we’d love to see you!

General dates are here, with precise dates TBC. 
  • March/ April – Passover and Jesus
  • May/ June - Pentecost and Jesus
  • September - Trumpets and Jesus
  • October - Atonement and Jesus
  • January - Tabernacles and Jesus

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If you would like to receive information about this course or want to know - please get in touch! Just email with the title Feasts and Foundations. 

Also, if you would like to volunteer to help with our Feasts and Foundations programme, please email:

Finally, we need prayer! Please pray for us – prayer is the engine of all fruitful activities and we want to reach many people with the good news of Jesus. 

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