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Car Park Communion 

Our Final Car Park communion was on Saturday 26th September 2020

Here is the short video we put together to tell you why we all needed Car Park Communion. Please click the box!



About Car Park Communion

Car Park Communion was a drop-in service we held every Saturday morning where people could drive into the church car park or walk up. We prayed with you, served the bread and wine, and you didn't even need to get out of your car!

It was a glorious way to feed on the life of Christ for the coming week, and also to see old faces and new, where all who trust in Jesus can find true life at His Holy Meal. 

A Message from Owen

"Car Park Communion has been one of the richest ministries I’ve ever been involved in. Many people from our church and outside have fed on the body of Jesus over lockdown.

We invited anyone to come to the table of Jesus because there he shares himself with lost, anxious, lonely, sinful, broken and afraid people who trust in him. Many of us called out to the LORD and he continued to save and sustain us. Jesus, the Passover lamb, is the only person who can handle our burdens.

Only Jesus rescues from sin, death and decay. I cannot thank each helper enough for helping lift THAT Jesus up over the last few months.

Thank you so much to all those who have volunteered and also attended".